Best Betting Trends For UFC 223

UFC 223 is filled with too-close-to-call fights and the chances certainly reflect this. However, we are here to provide you with a hand — by presenting you with some of the top betting trends for this Saturday’s UFC occasion.
Felice Herrig Is 3-0 In Her Measure 3 Fights As An Underdog
Felice Herrig has existed the UFC for what seems like forever, but”Lil’ Bulldog” has just been with the firm since 2014. In the four years, Herrig has not consistently capitalized on her athletic advantages but she’s begun to turn it on lately.
Herrig has won her last four bouts, three of which saw her near. The biggest upset came despite closing at +300 when she defeated prospect Alexa Grasso. It’s not always pretty but Herrig has had an experience benefit and also her wrestling has proven to be the deciding factor in her latest resurgence.
There is no doubt that combating Karolina Kowalkiewicz is considerably different than facing off against the likes of Justine Kish and Cortney Casey. That being said, if Herrig can figure out how to bring Kowalkiewicz to the mat, then she has the capability to shock fans and bookies alike.
Joe Lauzon Can Be 4-0 In His Measure 4 Fights Vs Fighters With Slimming UFC Records
Joe Lauzon is only 33 years old, that is difficult to fathom considering he’s 41 professional fights and has been fighting in the UFC for nearly 12 decades. However, a reason is that a fighter like this sticks around for so long. Lauzon wins when he should — and generally does this in fashion that is exciting.
Lauzon has won his past four fights against opponents using a sub-.500 record from the UFC. You could be thinking — rightfully does Lauzon face off from this subpar competition? Well, only three occasions since December 2013 has”J-Lau” faced an opponent with a losing record at the UFC.
That having been said, can we actually detract from Lauzon for fighting very good rivalry? I don’t think so. And it’s not like Chris Gruetzemacher — Lauzon’s competition at UFC 223 — is that good.

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