Meet with the New eharmony Logo Design

Meet with the New eharmony Logo Design

History is really a thing that is funny. Seventeen years ago today we turned up to the internet party that is dating. And then we had been one of the primary to exhibit up (but we were fashionably early). That’s as soon as we first began making lifelong relationships happen. And also the sleep had been history, reported by users. But let’s speak about that history because whom does not love an excellent love tale?

During the last 17 years we’ve been devoted to evolving our service—using new information and research to help keep our matching algorithms in the edge that is cutting. Although we worked difficult to blaze a path within the online dating globe, our logo design and brand name appeared to often be playing catchup.

In 2000 we initially developed a lowercase logo—but that ended up being the late 90s and we also remained determining exactly exactly what e-mail implied therefore we were a little awkward in chiseling away our visual identification.

5 years later, we highlighted the ‘e’ and the’ that is‘h distinctive colors and capitalized the ‘H’. (Bold move for the time)

After which this year, we eliminated the line that separated the ‘e’ and also the ‘H’. absolutely absolutely Nothing had been getting into our means. Not really a line.

In 2014 we revealed our real colors by making our logo design color uniform—just one color we called “eHarmony blue”. It had been a hue that may make virtually anybody yawn, however in a way that is good. It absolutely was pleasant.

Let’s keep in mind about our icon logo—an “eH” that phonetically struggled to outshine it is more negative counterpart, “meh”.

It had been in 2016 whenever we assembled a brilliant group of creatives to aid consider a far more thoughtful method to provide ourselves towards the globe. We began with brand characteristics. This is a procedure, for certain, but really worth it! This venn diagram is kind of like our cornerstone.

As shown into the diagram, we have been an ongoing company known for the technology behind love, as soon as overlapped, we could produce connections.

We dug deeper into this, and discovered both of these characteristics as faculties that guide our overall tone and design.

Next, we started our research. Various design studies assisted us set guidelines when making not merely the logo design, nonetheless it assisted determine our brand brand brand new brand name colors, fonts, and feel.

They state history has a tendency to duplicate it self. Having said that, our brand name logo design and identification is certainly going returning to the basic principles.

And, after months and months of anxious expectation, we finally are exposing it into the world today, conveniently on our 17 anniversary that is th. Or perhaps is it birthday? In any event, we’re excited!

*Side note, If just I possibly could explain to you exactly exactly how logos that are many designed, however you could judge us if you are extremely passionate, nerdy, enjoyable, and just plain excited to redesign our logo design and present it into the globe!

The things I love many concerning this logo design is the fact that it is therefore versatile. Therefore we really wish that this brand brand new colorful brand new symbol of ours resonates with everyone else.

Finally, that will help you comprehend the idea behind our design, listed here is our official logo intro:

Today, eharmony reveals a redesign of the logo design plus it’s making an incident for lowercase. The way in which we find love changed significantly within the last twenty years together with brand brand new artistic identity reflects that evolution, as a forward-thinking, human-centered relationship business.

Remaining real to its core, the name brand is created in a font that is hot. a powerful heart shines above it, illustrating the insights, expertise, and experience we bring to making appropriate relationships. Together, they combine to express the worthiness we help create—love and science function better together.



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