Prediction time: Penn State-Ohio State breakdown

They do not want to remember their last trip here to Columbus. For that matter, Penn State players don’t want to live on last year’s double-overtime thriller either.
Odds are the Nittany Lions won’t behave like they did in 2013, a 63-14 reduction. Odds are that they likely won’t shut out the Buckeyes in the second half like they did in 2014.
Regardless, the Lions have not been overly excited to reminisce about game this week.
“We lost,” senior captain Jordan Lucas said. “That is exactly what I recall.”
That would be the frequent denominator there, yes.
What chance do the Lions have now been around against the No. 1 team in the polls, the defending national champs who have never lost a regular season Big Ten match in four decades under Urban Meyer? Slim, albeit better than it appeared a week ago.
By the sounds of things, the Lions are going into the Horseshoe in better health than they’ve had for the past month. That should mean players like Saquon Barkley and Angelo Mangiro are back in the lineup along with each the typical faces on protection. Even Adam Breneman got in his first regular reps with the offense this week following a week on the scout team to return to action.
The Buckeyes haven’t necessarily lived up to their No. 1 ranking through six months, tied or trailing Virginia Tech, Northern Illinois, Indiana and Maryland in halftime. Nonetheless, it’s hard to imagine them coming out sleepy with this one, using a crowded house in primetime.

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