The UFC 207 Betting Odds are in.

Ronda Rousey returns this Friday at UFC 207 to take on the UFC bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes. For the first time in her MMA profession, Ronda Rousey (-140) will not be entering the cage as a sizable favorite, as her moneyline has been steadily going in the direction of underdog chances, from her much larger starting line of up to -320. On the other hand, the dough was flowing in on Amanda Nunes (+120) because her moneyline is approaching even chances from her launching lineup to +220.
The majority of the UFC 207 card entails relatively tight lines, together with TJ Dillashaw @ -240 since his counterpart John Lineker along with the favored @ +200 as the dog. Check out the UFC 207: Nunes vs. Rousey betting odds

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