Washington Wizards

Vegas Over/Under: 47.5

The Record Projection: 50-32 of fromal The Bet: Above marginal confidence
Why expect a drop in the Washington Wizards?
The three-headed monster of John Wall, Bradley Beal and Otto Porter Jr. is still trending upward. Each guy is moving toward his athletic prime and building chemistry with the other members of this triumvirate whilst trying to maintain himself as a premier talent at his respective position. Wall is currently there, and the other two are not far behind.
And if you’re concerned about the seat, do not worry –not for the reason you might expect.
Last year’s second-stringers were dreadful. They routinely wasted leads and dug inevitable holes for the starters. This season’s bench collection shouldn’t be much better, as Tim Frazier, Jodie Meeks and Mike Scott are not exactly marquee additions. And that is almost irrelevant.
The non-starters are bad. We know that much. On the other hand, the starters continue to be in place, and the Wizards published an 8.1 internet rating annually when Wall,” Beal, Porter, Markieff Morris and Marcin Gortat were on the floor together. In spite of the putridity behind them, they dragged their troops to 49 wins.
So again, why should we expect anything else this year, particularly when the team was better in the second half than during the season’s opening salvo?

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